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Q: I would like to help make TYT shows a success. How do I volunteer to help? 
A: Email the board and let us know how you would like to help! 

Q: Is the parent meeting mandatory? 
A: Yes, This is the first chance you will get to see the team that your child will be working with for the next 8-10 weeks. You will also be receiving vital information about the cast, crew, run of the show and rehearsals. 

Q: What does the TYT Participation Fee include? 
A: The participation fee will cover a theatrical make up kit for each child and a T Shirt with the show logo and dates on it for each child as well as help TYT cover the copyright costs to perform the selected production. 

Q: My Child is not interested in acting, but would like to help backstage. How can they participate? 
A: They will need to fill out an audition form and complete a family contract, located on the forms section of the website. That is so we have their contact information on hand to give to the production team. Backstage crew can consist of moving sets or props, assisting with lighting or sound, helping paint and set construction (will not have use of power tools). T They will not be required to participate in the the blocking rehearsals, but will need to have a meeting with the stage manager and be present at least the full 2 weeks before the run of the show, that is mandatory for all cast members. 

Q: I lost my schedule - how do I get a new one? 
A: There are several ways to obtain information about the show you are cast in. Email us! if you do not have the direct email for the show or producer, email the board at and we will make sure it gets to the correct people.  Check out our facebook page.  There will always be a TYT facebook page for general use, as well as show specific.  The one designed just for that show will contain schedule information and details only for that show.  We have a program we use to text schedule updates out to every parent and student in the cast.  Check with your producer for this information. 

Q: How do I report an absence? 
A: We encourage all students to be in attendance for every rehearsal. Though we do understand that there are prior sports and family commitments. We do ask that before the start of the run, any and all rehearsal conflicts are brought to the Director. The 2 weeks before a show are mandatory. No exceptions will be made for absences as we will be working on stage, with costumes, lights, microphones and large scale set designs. 

Q: What can I expect for a rehearsal schedule? 
A: Though every show has a different rehearsal schedule, we do try to stay away from Friday rehearsals, minimal Saturday requirements and Sundays are for family until 2 weeks before the show. 

Q: What if I want to volunteer? 
A: Parents of cast members who wish to volunteer can do so with the Producer for that show. There are many different volunteer positions ranging from minimal time requirements to a more complex 'job' that will require more time. If you are a community member that does not have a child in the production, there are always open volunteer opportunities. You can go to the Contact Us tab of the website and email the board your contact information. If you are wishing to work with children, you may be subject to a background check. 

Q: Who can participate in a TYT production? 
A: Any student in Lenawee County is eligible to participate regardless of where they attend school. Please note, that some rehearsals take place immediately following Tecumseh Public School release from school - inform your Director that you are traveling from another school. 

Q: I own/manage a business and would like to make a donation of supplies/money, how do I do that? 
A: Any individual or business can be a Tecumseh Youth Theatre Sponsor, Benefactor, Patron or Contributor. You can email the board to request detailed information on donating to TYT. 

Q: What kind of items are needed for donations?
A: Any item that TYT can use in a production setting: 

  • Set Building - nails, screws, tools, paint, wood, foam blocks etc

  • Costume - Material, Elastic, thread

  • Sewing Machines

  • Finishing Touches (zippers, buttons, Velcro, lace, etc)

  • Student Services - for heavy rehearsal/production days. Food, Plates, Napkins, drinks

  • Your help!

Q: How can I help Promote TYT? 
A: You can contact the TYT board and they will provide you with materials to place on your table tops, in mailings and posters for the windows. Another way to help promote TYT is by ticket sales - encourage your family, friends and neighbors to purchase a ticket for any of our annual productions. 

Q: How is TYT Funded? 
A: Through generous grants, businesses that sponsor and art loving benefactors, as well as ticket sales from each show. However, most years, with ticket sales following the economy, trimmed budgets from sponsors and more and more requests for the same grants we apply for, money is hard to come by. We are approaching this new season with a fiscal mind set and looking for any and all opportunities to help TYT grow. With the extra funds we hope to get, we are then able to put it back into the organization and build more elaborate sets, costumes and present each and every student with even more opportunities to work side by side with theatrical professionals. This PDF gives more detail on how costs are incurred: TYT Production Costs

Q: What if my question was not answered here? 
A: Feel free to contact the TYT Board at and submit any additional questions you may have.. We welcome your suggestions, comments and questions. Our goal is to provide meaningful theatre experiences for the youth of the community. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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